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Twinbrook Quarter Developers Pitch Project Expected To Bring Wegmans to Rockville

The Twinbrook Quarter project to construct 11 buildings along Rockville Pike could ultimately bring more than 3,450 jobs, 1,865 homes and a Wegmans. The neighborhood that could rise up in place of the surface parking and single-story box stores that now sprawl across the roughly 18-acre site would be transformative, according to the B.F. Saul Co. development team involved. It would provide shops, housing, employment space, a 1.1-acre central green and a couple of dog parks—one for little dogs and one for big ones. Overall, the undertaking could span a quarter century and succeed in “converting the disconnected collection of retail shops into Saul’s vision for a one-of-a-kind dynamic place,” said Thomas Gallas, CEO of Torti Gallas + Partners, the architecture and urban design firm involved in the project. The proposal for the property near the intersection of Rockville Pike and Halpine Road calls for housing, 431,440 square feet of office space, 472,950 square feet of retail space and 9,000 square feet for an entertainment venue.

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